Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tube Racer Track Editor Prototype

A tubular track editor for a sci-fi racing game I imagined at the age of 12, and prototyped at 27.  12-year-old me was not disappointed.

Flock vs. Predator Flocking AI

A school of fish evading a predator programmed in Unity with UnitySteer.  What you see here is basically a screensaver.  All the work in this project was developing the Unity Editor tools for tweaking the UnitySteer behaviour in real-time.  That's what enabled me to achieve the aesthetically pleasing behaviour on display.

At the moment the predator isn't actually chasing the flock.  It's just wandering around doing its own thing, totally oblivious to the panic it's causing.

Unmanned Awesome Vehicle

A flight simulator of the vehicle from the Tube Racer Track Editor.  I've included it here to show off the HUD, mainly.  A lot of work went into that HUD, so I expect you to appreciate it.  Are you appreciating it?  No, you're still reading this.  Go!